Making time for everything

December, 2012

To say that resources are scarce in a startup is an understatement. They often times don’t exist. This is a big issue for startups that are still just a handful of people. So how do you make sure that you can keep everything moving forward? Just make time for everything.

It’s far to easy to get heads-down on any one thing and neglect other areas. Before you know it you’ll be woefully behind on those other areas. So let’s try this:

Reserve some time for each major business area every week or two.

So if you’re focusing very heavily on product right now, you should still try to reserve 3 hours a week for marketing. Big push on sales? How about you don’t forget to budget half a day every other week to think about your product strategy. Booking a few hours in your calendar to work on those things you keep putting off, gives you a chance to force yourself to step away.

The truth of the matter is that if one area is top of mind, interesting, or even on fire, then it may never seem like a good idea to context switch out. This is especially true if the things you aren’t doing are less interesting or just not your cup of tea.

In startups, there are a million things that need to get done. Reserving time for each area of the business allows you to knock the things off the top of multiple lists. Rather than trying to prioritize everything, you just need to timebox areas of less importance.