Success Gets People On Board

August, 2010

Right now I am at Social Fresh listening to @DavidBThomas talk about integrating social media without adding headcount. He just mentioned that he had better uptake of his social media policy when he highlighted successes of the policy. For example, sales people listened when he told them how use of the policy had helped close deals.

I agree. But let’s not stop at getting people on board with a social media policy.

Often times you need to get people on board with social media in a much broader sense. Whether it’s to try out twitter, to take social media to the next level in marketing, or start paying for some useful social media tools.

The way you get people on board is to show them that you can and have been successful with the idea at hand. Just make a strong case, you know you can do it.

Successes don’t have to be big either, start with something anecdotal that people can get behind. Creating an emotional connection to success is a fantastic start.

So remember, don’t just ask people to do something, explain to them how you have already seen successes with something and how they can too.