Fitting Content Into A Twitter World

October, 2009

It’s been hard for me to get content out in blog post form for a while now. A busy life, with a full time job, multiple side projects, a bevy of tweetups, meetups, and groupups, and a wedding kept my posting at bay. Content on TwitterBut that has meant that I’ve a lot of time to contemplate not blogging.

I use twitter pretty heavily. I’m not talking @garyvee heavy, but heavy none the less. And I’ve stopped consuming RSS. I get all my info from the stream. Twitter has been around long enough to have everything I watch feed into it. If something isn’t directly tied in then I can just follow a champion for it on twitter (sounds like another blog post in the making).

So if I’m not consuming blog posts through RSS anymore, should I consider not producing content that is so RSS dependent? Shouldn’t there be another way that is more interconnected with world that I am directly involved in?

I’m not really sure. It seems to me that there is value in a twitter stream, but not all of it. And there is definitely value in pieces of information that are longer than 140 characters. I’m just not sure how to best marry the two. Because the current method just doesn’t seem optimal.

Think about that, and I will too. Maybe there is a solution out there, something truly mixed-medium that can bring the immediacy of speed of twitter with the value of blog posts and richness of video. Ok, thinking caps on.

  • Phil Buckley

    I was thinking the same thought this morning. I was reading about the improvements in Google Reader and thought to myself, “oh shit I haven’t opened that thing in like a month!”

    My name is Phil and I’ve become dependent on “the stream”.

    I’ve been thinking of moving to a less formal blog like Posterous or Tumblr and doing something more lifestreamy like Steve Rubel did, but then I worry that I’ll lose the tiny amount of credibility having a decent blog gives me.

    When you figure it out, let me know.

  • Adam

    Phil, I’m investigating a number of different options right now. I’d prefer to not roll my own solution to this problem. However, I’m not sure I can just wholesale pull my twitter stream into a blog and call it done.

    I’m looking into a few options right now. I hope to have something in place in the near term. We’ll see how it goes, I’ll be sure to tweet about it and let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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