Small Businesses + Twitter, it’s not that hard

September, 2008

A lot of people are trying to make use of twitter for their business. There is no doubt in my mind that it can work. But there are so many ways to get it wrong. Want a short list? fine.

  • Just hooking something up to your rss feed
  • Pretending to be a company, instead of yourself
  • Following everyone you can
  • Only posting once a week
  • Posting every hour
  • Not replying to people

I could keep going, but you get it. Well, how about a small non-tech business that is getting it right? There are plenty examples of that too. Here’s one I just saw in tweetdeck from @SixPlates. Here we are, 4:00 on thursday, if there is a time of the week that I need a beer, this is it.

Well Time Tweet

It’s personal, it’s short, and it gets to the point. I wasn’t really thinking of grabbing a beer, but now all I can think of is a nice cold beer in my hand. This works.

  • Email Savant


    Don’t forget companies that spam twitter as well. Nothing is more aggrevating than checking twitter and 7 of the last 10 tweets from the last 20 minutes is a company posting the same thing 7 different ways. As the saying goes “sometimes less is more” applies here.

    Thank you,
    Email Savant