Netflix – another well played fumble

March, 2008

I’m a recent convert to Netflix, I think I’ve mentioned that a few times before. My recent blog series on their email marketing program (that’s three links for three posts) can attest to how much I think they are getting it right.

I’ve also recently gotten Watch It Now up an running as it’s own activity on my sweet Harmony 880 (review coming, I swear) – which is telling for how often I watch from that ever growing library.

However, on Monday they had a bit of a stumble. There were reports of the site being down, I think one report was “Netflix is down, I don’t know what movies I like.” Very cute. Apparently it was due to an errant maintenance session.

Well, it wasn’t just the site, their shipping system went down with it. So movies didn’t go out. Definitely a bit of an annoyance, especially when you are trying to plow through all of season II and III of Battlestar in time for the premier of season IV next week. But I’ll truck on, I really wasn’t that affected, I mean, it’s just movies.

Netflix Shipping Mea CulpaBut apparently Netflix wasn’t gonna chance the outrage, they quickly sent out a mea culpa. They said oops and took a few bucks off my bill. 5% off isn’t much, but it’s the thought that counts. Email is, of course, the medium of choice for something like this, and I bet Netflix didn’t think twice about how to convey this message. Again, it’s simple and well done, like all of their emails.

Well done guys.