Just got back

February, 2008

Sunny San Diego - kindaI just got back from a great conference, Email Evolution, out in San Diego. Ever since joining Bronto Software, myself and DJ Waldow have really been getting involved with the email marketing community out on the internet. DJ especially has been ferocious in his efforts to add something to the already amazing resources that are out there.

We’ve really worked to push Bronto to commit to providing a valuable resource for marketers in general, not just our customers – and it is something that Bronto has now achieved through the combined efforts of our team.
Well this week we finally got to meet up with a number of the other bloggers and industry experts that we have been trading links and blog posts with for the last year or so. (Such as Chad White, Tamara Gielen, and Dylan Boyd just to name a few)
It was fantastic.

This is a really enthusiastic community, after having spent just a few days with everyone it is easy to see that we aren’t driven by competition with each other, but rather cooperation and a genuine love of email marketing.

  • http://blog.bronto.com DJ Waldow

    Veracious, huh?


    1. Honest; truthful.
    2. Accurate; precise.

    dj at bronto

  • http://monkeyserver.com Adam

    ferocious, ferocious.

    I just fixed it. Looks like a bad combo of tired posting and a misplaced selection from the spell check menu. Thanks for the copy proofing, man.