A little bit about Adam Covati

As Founder and CTO of Argyle Social, I’m spending my time designing our product and working with Eric Boggs, the CEO and other Founder. Our product helps marketers tie their social media marketing efforts to business outcomes. Argyle Social was founded out of Eric and I’s shared passion for social media. We saw that marketers everywhere were flocking to social media, but really had no idea how to measure or understand their impacts and successes in that space. Argyle Social is the answer to that need.

Before Argyle Social I worked as a product manager at Bronto Software, an email marketing service provider based near downtown Durham, NC. At Bronto I worked to bring their product to a point of parity with the other mid-market email service providers, such as ExactTarget and SilverPop.

Starting my career in marketing software was Unica, an enterprise marketing management tool. Unica, based in Waltham, MA, provided me with fantastic exposure to a broad range of companies in the enterprise space. It really allowed me to experience the depth and breadth of marketing needs. Originally working as a sales engineer for Unica I worked through a number of RFPs. Eventually I worked my way into a product management role where I spent a lot of time digging deeper into email marketing and website/callcenter interactive software.

Before all of this I spent a number of years as a software developer, having matriculated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, smack in the middle of Massachusetts. WPI provided me with a strong background to develop software at any scale, be it quick prototypes, distributed systems, or performant enterprise class applications.

When I’m not working on Argyle Social, I spend a good bit of time playing around on the internet, at numerous local meetups, and hanging out with my wife in our house in Durham, NC.